Tuesday, June 30, 2015

egg planters

after four days

growing grass in eggs

after three days 

Because of the drought here in California most of the grass around our house is dead and my two cats have nothing to snack on so I planted some cat grass for them until it rains here again. The eggshells are super cute and also great to put seeds in because they will decompose and add nutrients to the soil when moved to a bigger pot.

I soaked the seeds for a couple of days first, and then filled the eggshells with potting soil and crammed a bunch of seeds into each egg. I didn't expect so many of them to grow, so I'll probably have to move them to a bigger pot sooner than I expected.

demi perfumes

coconut milk mango & thai lily // anthro perfumes

Two favorite scents at the moment! Both from Anthropologie, and they have the cutest packaging. I love the prints and colors on the outer case and the little crown above "go be lovely" is adorable. They both have a very sweet scent, but still very light and fresh. Thai Lily I wear almost everyday and it has a very flowery scent and clean, like soap. And Coconut Milk Mango has a very creamy and buttery scent. The coconut and mango are very light, so it's not an overwhelming tropical scent, I usually wear this one on special occasions, because the buttery sent seems very luxurious to me. Both are very wearable and last a long time without being too heavy.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ferry Building in San Francisco inside has lots of restaurants and little shops, lots of good food in there, and found this little bit of typography that I really liked and snapped a quick picture for later inspiration! Immediately recognized Bodoni, not 100% sure what the sans serif is though. 

Latte from Blue Bottle 

View of Sausalito from the ferry, beautiful to see the clouds so close to the top of the hills. Across the street from the ferry was Lappert's Ice Cream, got the flavor Cookie Monster, had both Oreo and Cookie Dough in it and was very very delicious!