Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star // new cartilage earring // Fashionology

When I found this earring on Fashionology the other day, I was so excited. It's so cute and sparkly which I love. The photos don't capture how delicate and beautiful in person the earring is. How it  captures the light and shines bright. Over a year ago I pinned a photo of an earring very similar to this on Pinterest and I've been looking for it ever since.

Fashionology is handmade sterling silver jewelry, I would check them out if you like really simple and cute pieces. Their jewelry is very simple and geometric and their new collection has a lot of tribal aspects. Their pieces are very different than anything I see everywhere else. I also really liked these Teardrop Quartz earring and these Dot earrings

I must also add that they have great customer service, unfortunately one of the quartz stones fell out the same day that I received the piece. I contacted them and they quickly replied and were so nice about it, they sent me a new earring right away. All their jewelry has a one year warranty, which I am forever grateful for.


  1. When I pierced my cartilage, it hurt like hell, hope it never did for you; the earring looks really elegant. :)

    http://www.roomxcv.com | Room 95

    1. My nose piercing was the most painful for me, compared to that the ones on my ears weren't so bad haha and thank you so much!!