Saturday, July 18, 2015

twisted fishtail braid from Barefoot Blonde & a mint mojito

tried a tutorial from Amber at Barefoot Blonde

Love her hair tutorials, wish I had as beautiful and long hair as her. But I can never get my hair to stay very long in loose braids, it just slips right out. I love this hair style because there is so much texture and I think even as it slips out it still looks beautiful. All those braids were quite a work out for my arms though!

I miss this coffee so much when I'm in NY. Philz Coffee is a chain in California that serves a wide variety of blends of coffee, haven't tried a single one I didn't like. The Mint Mojito might be their most photographed and famous cup. It's sweet and creamy, and they stuff the cup full of fresh mint. It is a light coffee that is very refreshing. Also tried the Anesthesia to the Upside with cream and sugar today, I really enjoyed it. Had a very full coffee flavor without being overwhelming with just a little bit of sweetness. Would definitely recommend both of these cups. 

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